Doing Business in Goochland

Goochland County is in the Piedmont Plateau region of central Virginia. Goochland is located a mere thirteen miles west of the state capital in Richmond.

Interstate 64 serves as a link between Goochland and major markets in the eastern and central regions of the United States. 55% of the nation’s consumers are within a two-day truck drive of Goochland. Interstates 85, 95 and 295 are easily accessed from Goochland County, as well as several state routes and highways.

Goochland’s business community is diverse and ever growing. Family-owned ventures and Fortune 500's call Goochland home and represent industries ranging from auto sales to guitar case manufacturing.

Low tax rates, a small, responsive county government, a collaborative business community, and the area’s natural beauty and open spaces are among the many reasons companies choose to do business in Goochland County.

Goochland County’s location also provides quick and easy access to countless cultural, historical and recreation attractions throughout the region. These amenities range from the James River and outdoor recreation facilities in Goochland to art museums and theaters in Downtown Richmond. Colonial Williamsburg, Washington, D.C., the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Virginia Beach are within a two-hour drive of the county.

Goochland County provides the perfect mix of urban convenience and rural charm. We invite you to see all that Goochland has to offer.