Farm & Agribusiness

Since 1727, Goochland has developed and built a tradition of agriculture that has served as a backbone to its citizens and economy. While the County's image & economy shifts and evolves, the commitment to agriculture has remained unwavering. Because of this history, Goochland is a wonderful place to start and operate a farm. Goochland County Economic Development serves all businesses, including farms and agribusiness, which is the motivation for this page. Goochland Round 1 004

Agriculture creates hundreds of jobs for the community and contributed $7.1 million to Goochland County's Gross Domestic Product in 2022. Goochland County's diverse agriculture industry includes:

  • Innovative and robust agriculture operations utilizing automation and technology for production
  • Agritourism that attracts people to Goochland County and imports dollars in the County
  • Mom & Pop farms and agribusinesses 

Starting A Farm Resources

If you are exploring the thought of starting a new farm in Goochland County, it is important to have all the information readily available. As you go through the process, make sure you are asking yourself the following questions.

Below are links to a variety of resources that you will need as you begin your new journey as a farmer!