Diversifying Your Farm

Because of the nature of the industry, farmers are constantly looking for ways to utilize their assets to diversify their farm's revenue streams. Below are a few popular ideas for you to consider as you look to add new streams of income to the farm's revenue base. 

  • Agritourism 
    • E.g., Corn Maze, Petting Farm, Farm Tours & Stays, 
  • Value Added Agriculture Processing
    • Meat Processing on Farms (Include wild game processing for another revenue stream)
    • Production of canned and jarred goods
  • Pick Your Own Produce
    • Pumpkins, Apples, Berries, Flowers, Christmas Tree
  • Create space for recreational farming and farm leasing if space is available
  • Diversify your livestock because the most profitable farming animal can change from year to year based on consumer demand and dietary trends
  • Community Supported Agriculture 
  • Solar or Wind Energy Collection