Goochland Courthouse


Goochland Courthouse is the historical and institutional center of government and public services for the county.

It encompasses the county courthouse, the county administration building, the Goochland Branch of Pamunkey Regional Library, Goochland Branch YMCA, and the Goochland campus of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.
Courthouse area
There are several community shopping centers and single-family residential areas nearby. Hidden Rock Park is also part of the Courthouse area, and there are recreation facilities adjacent to the county’s administrative buildings.
Courthouse water tower
The Courthouse Village area has easy access to Interstate 64. River Road West and Sandy Hook Road are minor arterial roadways that serve this area.

Public water and sewer are already in place.


Development of the Courthouse area should follow a mixed-use village concept. The concept would leverage the presence of the government center, library, James River, and JSRCC.

Economic opportunities could include:
  • Leverage horticultural programs and establish formal gardens as well as native-plant gardens throughout the Courthouse. Offer distance-learning courses in gardening followed by hands-on work in the community for students.
  • Develop back road routes with signage and a trail system for bicyclists.
  • Sponsor triathlon using roads for bikes and running and the river for canoeing/kayaking.
Expanding public water and sewer capacity could open doors to opportunities for new land uses and higher density residential development like townhomes.